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someday i hope you'll conquer and divide it all

stop feeding this monster

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30 July 1984
Hi, I'm Teena Marie.

I'm naturally pretty introverted, though that changes once you get to know me. That being said, I'm a little hard to get to know since I'm painfully, ridiculously shy. I'm working on it though.
I can play a whole bunch of instruments, but my favorites are the piano and violin. I also love visual arts. I admire and am envious of those who can extract what they see in their mind's eye and pour it into their medium of choice.
I love all kinds of music, though I'm admittedly not a big fan of hip-hop. I tend to lean more towards rock (and however you'd care to break that down into sub genres and labels). I also love J-Rock <3
I'm a student, majoring in Family & Consumer Sciences and minoring in Japanese.

Er... that's all I've got for now, but definitely isn't all that I am.
It's a bit overwhelming to try and give a glimpse of my being in a confined space and with limited words and thoughts, and to be naked in verbal form. It always feels like no set of words would be right or enough to kill/confirm

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